Every institution has a particular objective or vision behind its establishment; parashar college,one of the leading institutions of this region, can not be its exception .Our vision, fundamentally , is to make it a unique academic institution in the regional as well as the national level so that it is likely to make a prodigious contribution to propel our society to peace and prosperity through holistic education ,I.e, an amalgam of skill, expertise, manner, spiritualism, sports etc. and inter-cultural understanding in the upcoming days.


We impart high quality education to the students as required to face the challenges in the diverse aspect of their life and for their harmonious growth of body, mind and spirit. We are committed to offer the latest and skill based knowledge through post-modern teaching approaches. We aim to make them ideal citizens of the state with expertise, manner and moral values. We strive to inspire and encourage our students to pursue the path of philanthropy, an essence of human existence, for the well – being of the contemporary society.


Education, one of the rudimentary needs of human beings, has also been regarded as the cornerstone of global development. Before the establishment of Parashar College in Damauli, a serene town, situated on the confluence of the Maadi and the Seti River, A handful of educational institutes were unlikely to provide quality education across the region. It has obviously become a centre of attraction to the deserving students after a short span of its inception. Hence, the key objective of the establishment of Parashar College is to mitigate the rampant flow of students from Tanahun and neighboring districts heading to the bigger cities like Kathmandu, Pokhara and Chitwan in search of good college, especially after SLC, and make them enroll ensuring the availability of high quality education at affordable fee at Parashar College.