Message from the Chairman

It is a matter of pride that Parashar College spent 18 glorious years imparting the light of high quality education in the regional and national level. We believe in holistic education with an expectation that it is bound to bring changes in diverse facets in student’s life. We are always mindful that the children who are left under our patronage are given the proper education in order to face challenges they may confront in course of future endeavour. The amalgamation of good infrastructure, a set of qualified teachers, Child-centered teaching pedagogy, a conducive teaching and learning environment, individual caring to the needy students, prime consideration on extracurricular activities are the prominent features which have contributed a lot to make Parashar College a basecamp of learning. Hence, I urge all the parents, well-wishers, businessmen and intellectuals to get their children enrolled at Parashar College to build up their smart career.

Surya Chandra Hadkhale


College Management Committee